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Saturday, December 17, 2011

HMITM #186 - Be a Star

OK... this week at HMITM they have really gone crazy lol. The consulted a calendar of strange "holidays", and compiled this list...

December is Bingo's Birthday Month.
It's also Rising Star Month.
And it's National Tie Month.
The first week of December is Cookie Cutter Week.
December 5 is Bathtub Party Day!
And then came up with this challenge:
So...I challenge you to use:
* A bingo card (if you don't have these in your stash, just google "bingo card" under Google Images, and you'll find a gazillion).
* Use something that you can tie--ribbons, twine, raffia, etc.
* Use at least 5 stars.
* Use punches or cutters or a shape templates.
* Use your imagination and whatever product you want to create "bubbles" on your page.

Crazy I tell you. 

I was stumped... I had no bingo cards, I don't use stars ever... The other 3 criteria were good though. 

So this is what I came up with: 

The photo here is not bad - the photos in the layout are bad but that's all I had to go with from our Weekend to End Women's Cancer 32 km walk.

Back to the criteria...

  • BINGO card - yes. Found a cute Maya Road rub-on set, and used the "Live" card on white cardstock to make it stand out. I really like this set as there are a bunch of little ones - this is the largest (Cuz I'm not so sure I'm into bingo cards)
  • Something you can tie - twine, tied around the rectangle photo (I had to tie it... they said you had to be able to so I did lol)
  • At least 5 stars - I used a star template I have to draw 5 stars beside each other for the border at the top of the rectangle photo. Then I added foam glittery stars to the middle of three of those stars (so that's 8 stars). Then I put the word "star" in stars for a grand total of 12, 13 if you count the word "star" as a star
  • Punches, cutters or shape templates - I used my Creative Memories ovals set to cut the angled photo and its mat
  • Bubbles - originally I planned to stamp using bubble wrap, but the wrap I had didn't have a side of exposed bubbles, so that didn't work. So instead I used my dabber and pink and white chalk ink to dot "bubbles" all over the left of the page... it really helped to add the details
Well... I hope you enjoyed... and join in next week for more craziness!!!



  1. What a creative interpretation on our challenge! Love how you did the bubbles and how you used the stars for your title! Thanks so much for playing with us!

  2. Awesome layout Tory! The stars were perfect for the theme and they look great. I love those dots in the background. Thank you for playing along with us!!

  3. You have magically answered this challenge with little but the desire to do so! And, I applaud you for creating such an interesting layout! Love your bubbles, Tory! Please come visit my blog: kaywallacescrapbooking.blogspot.com!

  4. Love that you didn't give up! You went out there and created anyway, no matter the challenges. Still, a sweet layout and love your bubbles!


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