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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Welcome to my first scrapbooking blog! I am looking forward to sharing my creations with you!

I started scrapbooking in 2007ish by making my mom a few pages for each occaision that happened, as an attempt to preserve the multitudes of photos she had stashed all over the house :)

Now I have graduated on to scrapbooking my wedding and honeymoon, as well as the occaisional page still for my mother.

I really felt the urge to mature in my techniques and to learn some new ones, so this blog will follow that journey.

My plan to get to this "mature" scrapbooking place:
  1. Do as many challenges as possible. I have started with the challenges on the forums at my local scrapbook store, Two Scrapbook Friends in Waterloo, ON. The fantastic design team there puts up challenges, group projects etc. They are really great at getting you out of your comfort zone and into uncharted waters.
  2. Start using sketches! My pages really follow a few "sketches" I have in my head. They are great but it gets a little old....
  3. Learn new techniques! Exploration of new techniques and products helps expand the creative boundaries.
  4. Take a few classes - specifically I plan on taking some Copic classes. Not sure what else at this point.
  5. Scrapbook with new people - I have already sort of started this one on the Two Scrapbook Friends forum. There are tons of great ladies there who post different techniques and provide daily inspiration.
  6. Read some scrapbooking magazines! Believe it or not, I have ONE copy of Scrapbooks etc from 2009 and that is the only scrapbooking magazine I have! I am not so up on the trends at all, but I am not a trend-follower anyways.

The goal at the end of this is to eventually get published/join a Design team. I would love the opportunity to share my work and love of the hobby with the world... and this blog is the first step!

So thanks for reading and please follow my blog!



    1. Tory.... how do you download a card ???


      1. Hey Elsie, are you looking for instructions on how to load at Let's Scrap? If so, send me an email at v.frail@live.ca and I will help you out!


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