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Monday, April 2, 2012

Will is now a paper crafter

So last week, I found some Tim Holtz Texture Fades on clearance (used) for $2.99 per pair, so I ordered a few sets (regretting not getting the wood grain, that is next on the list).

I didn't have a die cutter/embosser though. So the LSS was having a "Scrapper's yard sale" - you send in all your stuff you don't want in exchange for a credit to the store, and they sell it all yard sale style for you. I thought, maybe, if I'm lucky, there will be a die cutter there even though we went right at the end of the sale.


There was! I am now a proud new owner of and Epic Six I got for ridiculously cheap!  Yay!

Then I got home, realized it was the older version without the flex mat to be able to use Sizzix embossing folders... and got very sad. I ordered the mat, but I couldn't use my fancy new toy til the mat came in (stupidly, I didn't buy any super-cheap dies that were at the yard sale...)

And then! On Sunday morning, hubby came in with some junk stuff from the garage, the perfect thickness to put us in business!  He proceeded to emboss everything in site (yes HE not me, the owner of said embossing machine...)

Finally he let me try my new toy (love it!), and then promptly announced I should make a tag for the Easter gift for my friend's baby - they were coming to visit that afternoon. I, busy working with my Silhouette, ignored him (hey, I had some die cutting to do! Check out the next few posts this week and be amazed!)

So he took it upon himself. I was upstairs at this point searching for the right papers for my cutting I had planned, and he came up wondering how to cut wavy. He had the wavy paper cutter (which he bought me) downstairs, but didn't know how to make it do wavy. I explained and off he went.

Back at the Silhouette, he asks me to cut said baby's name "Logan". So he picks the font (Jokerman) and sizes it to fit his tag perfectly, and then picks the most god-awful cardstock I own to cut it out of. I hate that cardstock with a burning passion and have used it precisely once (which turned out really nice, but I still hate it). And I cut away.

Then I had to help him figure out what glue to use. I settled on my Xyron since I figured he would make the least mess (he'd already broken my liquid stick) and it would stick and do what he wanted.

Then he headed over to the embosser, and this, my husband's first papercrafting project, was born.

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