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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Use it Tuesday #19 - Cooking Up Fun

So I found a new challenge blog this week that I love so much I applied to their Design Team!

Use it Tuesday is a blog with varied challenge types, and the whole goal is to use up your old stuff in your stash... so right up my alley as I am still banned from Michael's until after Christmas (did get a hall pass to go buy some more adhesive as I ran out last night).

So finding it yesterday and the challenge is due tomorrow, I was in a bit of a rush.

Here is Challenge #19:

One of my favourite topics, and a refreshing break from the two color palette challenges I did last night too! Plus, Two Scrapbook Friends is having a Burst of Color online crop right now, so I've got color challenges coming out the.... hoo hah? I have no idea how to spell that word!

Anyways... back to the challenge:

I decided since I had to use old stuff I would actually finish a layout I prepped about 2 years ago and that has been sitting in my album waiting for me to put it together. All I had made was the base for the door and the papers amassed. This is what it came out to be:

My friend Laura made my wedding cake for me. It was sooo yummy - we used a Martha Stewart lemon recipe, and was slightly oversized (I have 2 pieces still in my freezer), but it was gorgeous.

I made a little door to hide the final product. Originally this door was supposed to open vertically back 2 years ago, but I changed which photos I wanted to use and changed the door. 

Here is a closeup of the title on the door and the stamping.

Here is the closure on the door, the twine actually hooks to hold it shut.

So what did I use out of my stash:
  1. old unused papers that were sitting in my album for 2 years (who knows when I bought them to begin with, I think another 1-2 years earlier)
  2. photos I printed 2 years ago
  3. a paper and cardstock door I made two years ago
  4. All three stamps (bell, cake and arrows) which I bought before the wedding (June 2009) and have not used those specific stamps off the cards yet
  5. The letters for CAKE - this is some old pack of stickers I don't know when I bought it, but it was a long time ago because there is lots missing out of the pack and I'm at the point where I wish I had bought two  (TIP: always buy two packs of alphas. You'll need them. Guaranteed)
What was new:
  1. The twine! I just got my twine in last month and I am using it up quick!
  2. The "Making the" letters - also bought them last month although I bought them from my Creative Memories Consultant's stash of stuff.... so sort of old
And the brad I used I will classify as neither old nor new. I've had them for about a year so I don't think they fall in either class.

Back to always buy two sets of alphas... look at the "e" in "the". Can you tell its a "c" I made into an "e" with a marker? That's why you need two sets. Because sometimes you need extra letters. And to be honest, its not always the obvious ones. I.e. L. My friend Kelly used both my Ls. So the layout I did that day using the same chipboard letters was missing an L til I picked up another pack. Haven't used an L since and I have done at least 3-4 more layouts with those alphas lol

Another TIP - when you buy alphas, look at if you get extra vowels, "s", "t", "r". At the very very least you want an extra of each of those letters otherwise you're stuck with a page of W and X at the end. (at least you can make a W into a M)

And a final TIP - look for punctuation and other add-ons to your alpha set. Jillibean Soup has great alphas that include some shapes, punctuation etc. I also really love my Nancy O'Dell Hummingbird letters from Creative Memories as they came with little doodled flowers to match those on some of the capital letters.... I just wish they came with more as I have capitals left over and no more flowers :(

Well... that was a bit of a long one! Thanks for reading and please comment and follow.

Also, I have now labelled all my posts so you can find similar ones. Use the TIPS label to find all my tips to you my wonderful readers!


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  1. Beautiful LO and good Luck with the DT application. Thanks you digging into your stash to join us at Use it Tuesday-Haven


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